Ride Karmyn

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According to urbandictionary.com, Karmyn is a “Boyfriend stealer jerk and friend stealer and ugly ass bitch with a long nose.” Well, we here at RIDE we aim to change Karmyn’s reputation by offering this boot in a flattering monochromatic colorway and making sure that the boot itself is unquestionably proportionate. The Tongue Tied™ Focus Closure System won’t steal your friends, but it may make them jealous thanks to a lacing system gives you the heel hold of our Tongue Tied™ system with the precise fit in two zones of the BOA® Focus Closure System. The Closer™ lace guide disperses lace tension across the entire boot to eliminate pressure points and the Michelin® Fiberlite sole is built for lightweight performance on snow and ice. The Karmyn will perform anywhere on the mountain, but is designed for a female rider looking for a stiffer flexing freestyle snowboard boot. This Karmyn will also never steal your boyfriend, unless his feet are tiny, in which case you may be better off.

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