Ride DVA

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Add a little bit of diva to your binding world with the DVA. You may think being a diva is a bad thing. Aren't divas unable to handle the criticism and chatter that accompany success? Not our DVA. Our all-new, soft flexing DVA Highback ensures that the DVA won't fall victim to chatter, thanks to the damping properties of urethane. You can be sure that you'll always be surrounded in plush luxury when you're in the company of a true diva. In the case of our DVA, that plush luxury includes our Freestyle Ankle Strap, ThinGrip Max Toe Straps and Wedgie Footbeds. Most divas eventually crack under the pressure in hilarious or horrific ways, but you can be sure our DVA is a true professional that won't break under the pressure. The DVA provides a lifetime of support thanks to the Aluminum Edge Chassis System and Forged Aluminum Micro-Disc. This DVA can do it all from dominating those powder lines to surviving the worst of pond skim incidents.

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