Ride Machete GT

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The Machete GT is a favorite of snowboard bloggers all over the internet. What is it about the Machete GT that snowboard bloggers love so much? This freestyle deck packs so much tech it's difficult for them to pick their favorite. RIDE's Twin Hybrid Rocker provides rocker in the nose and tail to lift your contact points off the groud for a catch-free ride in the park and effortless float to stick those powder landings. Camber between your feet helps you hold your edge and power through turns. The GT also features Carbon SlimeWalls, which provide a stable and chatter-free ride at high speed that has been compared to "riding a garden hose over a flat tire" in variable terrain. No vibration there! The carbon is strategically placed in the nose and tail to ensure you maintain edge-to-edge quickness and pop. The Machete GT is a responsive freestyle deck with a stiffer flex, so don't be an angry snowboarder if you don't have the chops to get the maximum performance from the Machete GT.

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