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Ronix took their best selling shape from last year and added thickness to the board for more buoyancy on the water, added drive down the line, and easier airs off the wake.

Ronix took their best selling Powertail shape and made an all-new thicker version for 2017. What happens when you take a wakesurf board and add thickness to it? The Powertail + rides higher in the water, creates more speed down the line, and makes it easier to pop off the lip for airs.

The Powertail + keeps the same thickness in the nose area before gradually getting thicker through the belly and tail of the board. Named after its wide profile, this board is a great option for those needing a stable, forgiving shape. Got a smaller wake? No problem. Riding higher in the water than most other boards, a mondo wake isn't necessary to surf without the rope.

This board is constructed with a classic EPS foam core along with Ronix's Technora carbon laminates in certain areas of the board. The Technora helps give the board more response and control down the line or during turns. A three fin setup gives the rider versatility in how they configure the board's fins. Equipped with the all-new Fin-S 2 System, the high-performance honeycomb fins will give the board noticeably more speed and drive while initiating turns.

Those with a smaller wake or bigger riders should look to the Powertail + for a fun, playful ride.


  • -Machined EVA concave pads with arch support and extra tall tail kick
  • -Ronix exclusive Fin-S 2 System
  • -Handmade by robots
  • -Vacuum bagged with epoxy resin
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