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A Soft - top constructed wakesurfer combining elements of speed, weight, and durability.  The result is Ronix' most advanced recreational core to date with aspects of the performance found in their high end wakesurfers.  The durability of a soft top, high end performance, yet produced for riders on a budget.  This thruster outline has more effective edge in the water than most other boards providing added grip into a turn and stability traveling down the wake line.  Built for intermediate to entry level riders alike.  Don't let the soft top deceive you this board outperforms many others.


* Machined EVA Front Pad with Concave

* Machined EVA Rear Pad with Extra Tall Tail Kick

* A rail design that arguably has as much glide speed as higher end boards (Easier to ride behind smaller wakes)

* 2  - 2.9" Polycarbonate Outside Fins
* 1 - 2.3" Polycarbonate Center Fin

* Liquid Lava High Temp Resin
* Core Hand Made by Robots

* Compression Molded Soft Top Construction

* Length 4'8" 
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